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College Hashtag Takes Twitter by Storm

How would you describe college in five words?

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 13, 2015

College Hashtag Takes Twitter by Storm

How would you describe college in five words?

The #collegein5words twitter feed suddenly became the hashtag that exploded, as Twitter users weighed in on the burning question. The tweets rose in popularity as The White House got in on the action, followed by First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden who added their views via Twitter on #collegein5words.

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From there, it seems that just about everyone who’s anyone began to share their thoughts on higher education in five words, from Washington to the Average Joe. Seriously - nobody missed a beat, promotionally speaking or otherwise. Brands started to get in on the action, like Domino's, Dunkin' Donuts, Netflix and many more took on the opportunity to promote brand awareness of their products as staples within college life (pizza, coffee and television, respectively).

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Not to mention the many colleges that participated in sharing promotional five-word haiku-like phrasing about their school's benefits, spirit and financial aid bonuses. The tweets range from serious to seriously hilarious and have continued to both inspire and humor twitter users, even motivating someone to create a username @CollegeIn5Words.

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Most of the tweets are focused on money, food, studying (or lack thereof) and sleep, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the college lifestyle. Since it seems as if the entire country has joined in on the action, we thought it would be fun to list some of the top tweets that caught our eye. Check out some of our favorite tweets with the #collegein5words hashtag (which are not listed in any particular order): How would you describe #collegein5words? Tweet us @Payingforschool to let us know!

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