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College Application Résumé Sample

Sample of a college application resume.

December 06, 2011

Harry Potter
The Cupboard under the Stairs
4 Privet Drive
Little Whinging, Surrey
[phone number]
[email address]

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (graduating in May 20__)
[school address]
• Top 8% of class
GPA 3.4
• Exceeded Expectations on OWLS
• Currently a NEWT student

Quidditch team Seeker (1-6)*
SPEW member (4-6)
• The Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare
• Fights for house elf rights
• Free house elves when we can by leaving clothing out where they will find it
The Slug Club member (6)
• Honorary society of students
Triwizard Tournament participant (4)

House received the House Cup (1-4)
Triwizard Tournament winner (4)
Quidditch captain (6)

Helped free house elves (4-6)
Saved the Wizarding World (7)
Dumbledore’s Army leader (5)

*Numerical figure represents the years you participated in that particular activity.

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