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Chicago University Offers Discounted Classes on Groupon

Groupon offers first-ever discount on master's level teaching class.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

September 08, 2011

Chicago University Offers Discounted Classes on Groupon
It’s the Groupon deal that has everyone buzzing. On Wednesday, Chicago area shoppers were presented with a deal that was drastically different from the typical 50% off coupons for teeth whitening or sushi dinners. Instead, Groupon buyers had the opportunity to purchase a master’s level education course for 57% off the actual price. The course, Introduction to the Profession and the Craft of Teaching at National Louis University, is a 10-week class that covers trends and debate in the teaching profession, external influences such as politics and socioeconomics on American education, how the K – 12 sector works as well as personal development and approaches to teaching. National Louis University is located in downtown Chicago and has been providing teaching degrees for 125 years. According to Groupon, “the university ranks first in Illinois for the number of graduate degrees conferred…with alumni earning more Golden Apple awards than any other school of education. It is also credited as the founder of the modern American kindergarten movement and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).”

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With the Groupon, new students to National Louis University, who already hold a Bachelor’s degree from any institution, will only have to pay $950 for the course rather than the $2,232 sticker price. At the end of the course, students will have received three credits toward a Master’s degree in teaching.
In a statement, National Louis University president, Nivine Megahead said, “we realize in order to thrive in the competitive environment of higher education, we need to be where our students are, speak to them in a way they are used to speaking, and many of our potential students receive daily emails from Groupon.”

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Administrators at National Louis University also think this is a great way for potential students to explore teaching to see if it’s the right career fit for them. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, National Louis University’s vice president stated, “There are all kinds of factors in the K-12 world that are really discouraging teachers and people seeking teaching degrees. We'd like potential students to understand what the realities are, whether you are committed to this profession, and see if you have what it takes.” As of now, only five Groupons for the course had been purchased and the deal officially “tips” once 15 are bought (in Groupon-speak, that means the deal is only activated after 15 people have purchased the Groupon). Interested students have two days left to purchase the Groupon. Of course, this new Groupon is causing everyone to wonder if this will be a trend that catches on. Will colleges and universities begin offering discounted courses through coupon services like Groupon and Living Social? And if they do, will students even buy them?

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