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Berkeley Student Creates Automated Dorm Room, BRAD

Berkeley freshman creates the perfect dorm room. Photo courtesy of Derek Low.

Berkeley Student Creates Automated Dorm Room, BRAD
Have you ever been curled up with a good book (or a book that you have to read before your 8 a.m. class the next day) and on the verge of sleep, only to realize you left your overhead light on? Or what about those days you’ve slept way past your wake-up time and were late to class – or worse, had to skip your shower? Derek Low used to have those “student problems,” but he doesn’t anymore – not since his installation of BRAD, the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm. Low, a student at University of California, Berkeley, designed the one-of-a-kind dorm room this year in just three months and with a few hundred dollars, according to his website.

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The dorm room features motion detection lights, automatic opening and closing curtains and a multi-sensory alarm clock. It can be controlled by mobile app, tablet, wireless remote and Low’s voice.
BRAD has a very serious side and, by voice activation, can set the room to sleep mode or homework mode. But BRAD has a more playful side too. For instance, each morning, Low is awakened by the sound of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” playing over the room’s speakers and the automatic curtains pulling back to let the sunlight do its thing.

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Find your dream school on Fastweb -- start your college search. Additionally, the room can also go into romantic mode, which closes the curtains, cues a strobe light and launches Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” But BRAD doesn’t stop there; he even has a party mode, which “is a full-featured setup consisting of strobe lights, laser lights, a fog machine, UV lights and a wireless emergency party button. One touch of the emergency party button sends the whole room into party mode,” states Low’s website. Sounds like the perfect college dorm room, right? Low thinks so. And with the end of the school year, BRAD will be saying goodbye to dorm life and moving with Low to his new apartment, according to Yahoo! News.

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No doubt the existing BRAD will be revolutionized to accommodate Low’s new lodgings – maybe by next year, BRAD will be cooking omelettes and going into “clean mode.” Check out BRAD in action (video courtesy of Low's website): What would you want in your ideal dorm room? Use your imaginations!

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