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Be Kind, Pay On Time: Going Through the Registration Shuffle for College

Kyiara shares her advice for registering and preparing for class with a limited amount of stress.

By Kyiara Griffin

January 17, 2012

Be Kind, Pay On Time: Going Through the Registration Shuffle for College Be Kind, Pay On Time: Going Through the Registration Shuffle for College

Financial Aid Office

Just to be sure that my funds covered everything (and maybe enjoy the momentary financial security), I visited the financial aid office. A smile greeted me.

“Hi! How may I help you?”

The “I am a grown woman who totally has her finances in order” voice comes out. “Oh, I just wanted to make sure my financial aid covered everything.” My words are a little too loud and friendly, unlike my usual humble whisper that comes with not knowing how to pay for everything.

“Sure,” she says, and the necessary information is provided without so much as a stammer. “Our records show that your financial aid covers everything, so you can go get a book card.”

“Thanks for your assistance!” I resist the urge to come back with a false mustache and have her repeat the process, for now is the time to approach my greatest adversary.

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The Cashier’s Office

Student’s Log: I am near the end of my journey, and my feet are not in as much pain as usual. Although I love imagining the future semester as an 80’s montage, all of the enthusiasm normally evaporates with the cashier’s office. That is where I say goodbye to whatever funds I had hoped to save, promising each dollar a good home with a fiscally responsible family in the Northeast.

This time, however, I was unafraid. My strides were sure and steady right up to the teller. He sat behind a computer and pot of flower-shaped pens, boredom hiding the significance of his daily encounters. I was not deterred.

“How may I help you?”

Deep breaths, Kyiara. “I would like a book card.” I shared my I.D. card, a vital participant in every step of registration, and the cashier handed me a book card. I was amazed by how fast the process went, but noticed a problem.

“Um, I checked the bookstore’s website, and my books are going to cost a little more than what is written here.”

“No problem. Just have the bookstore call down when you reach the register.”

Just like that, most of journey was complete. I was only able to find one book out ten for a course, but the point is that I could afford to think about the books. I could focus on the rest of life, like the nine month old that tags along for some of the ride and the articles that reach you all.

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