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App Notifies Parents, Professors When Students Skip Class

Download Class120 to help with your perfect attendance.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 30, 2015

App Notifies Parents, Professors When Students Skip Class
Today, the average college graduate leaves their college experience nearly $30,000 in debt. Still, it’s not uncommon for college students to choose sleeping in or hanging out with friends over attending class. In fact, Core Principle reports that students skip up to 20% of their classes throughout college, as stated in USA Today – which is thousands of dollars in wasted money. USA Today reports that a class at California’s Claremont McKenna College costs between $130 and $390 per class. At Columbia University, the average cost to miss a class is $150, according to And a professor at the University of Massachusetts told The Daily Collegian that every student, regardless of where they attend, can determine the cost of their courses by taking tuition divided by the amount of credit hours enrolled per week. The sum you may be wasting in skipped classes can be pretty sickening, especially when you factor in the fact that you and your parents are taking out thousands of dollars in student loans for you to take a nap or play video games. So it’s no wonder parents and professors alike are backing a new app that enables them to see when you’re skipping class.

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Class 120, developed by Core Principle, simply monitors whether a student shows up for class or not and notifies parents, professors and administrators when students fail to show up, as reported by USA Today. Additionally, the app sends an alert to students to inform them that they’ve missed a class or session.
Students need not be concerned about their privacy, however. The app does not monitor their location 24/7; rather just when they’re in class. It also requires their consent in order to track their attendance.

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While the app monitors attendance, it does so much more for a student’s college experience by opening up dialogue between students, parents and professors on the importance of attending class. It makes attending each class a team effort, which hopefully results in better grades, an increase in four-year graduation rates and college cost savings. The app costs $17.99 per month and $199 for the entire year, according to USA Today. It is currently being used at 21 colleges by roughly 2,000 users. Would you use the Class120 app to help you track your attendance -- why or why not?

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