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Anxiety Antidotes: From One Student to Another

Don’t freak out! Try these student-tested tips to help simplify your stressors.

Alison Graham

October 10, 2012

Anxiety Antidotes: From One Student to Another
Four college applications, three scholarship essays, two college visits, one student. It’s about that time when everyone starts to seriously think of eloping with that bizarre kid down the street and gambling with fate, but take two steps back and it slowly seems like you’d better steer clear. But, sometimes, taking those two vital steps back takes a lot of extra effort and sanity that you just might not have. Here are some of my self-tested, surefire ways of de-stressing: Exercise. Running really hard or channeling all of my anxiety and anger into some form of exercise really helps. If running isn’t your thing (which accounts for the majority of the population, because really, who likes running?), then find a type of exercise you enjoy. Just make sure to give that stress a healthy outlet!

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Walk away. When I am on the verge of a mental breakdown–complete with ugly crying, fetal positioning and thumb-sucking–taking a nice walk can do wonders to clear my head. Breathing in some fresh air while hearing the bird’s chirp is really calming and I’ll bet Fido would appreciate the exercise, too. Shout it out. Find a private place, maybe the middle of the woods, and just yell. You can say anything (as long as no one is nearby, you sailors), and release all that energy. Can’t find a secluded spot? Try screaming into a pillow to let it out.

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Bake some goodies. What can’t a cupcake fix? I mean, really. Sleep. Nothing beats some extra shut-eye to make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and for your brain to reboot in order to be able to process all of your obligations. Make a to-do list. This is my all time favorite. I have a ridiculously large notebook dedicated to task lists. Writing everything down takes it out of your mind and helps you visually prioritize your tasks. Actively crossing things off the list makes you feel accomplished, especially when you complete the list (a feat I have yet to accomplish because I insist on including things on my lists that I will, in fact, never do).

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Follow any of these tips or none of them (jerks) to remain zen-like in your tasks and, hopefully, that kid down the street won’t propose anytime soon, so you can continue on your path to college.

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