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America’s 10 Best Colleges and Their Scholarships

We count down American's 10 Best Colleges.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

September 18, 2012

America’s 10 Best Colleges and Their Scholarships America’s 10 Best Colleges and Their Scholarships

Just as high school students are getting into the thick of their college search, countless organizations release college rankings. The experts say that these rankings should be taken with a grain of salt, and they’re right.

Finding the perfect college for you has nothing to do with the rankings. It’s about academic and social fit and in most cases, proximity to your home as well as tuition costs. But checking out the rankings is always interesting, if not just plain old fun.

U.S. News and World Report, the annual publisher of the most prominent college rankings, has just released its list of America’s Best Colleges. We’re counting down the list with a Fastweb twist – check out the top 10 schools and some of their scholarships.

10. Dartmouth College and California Institute of Technology (Tie) Paul L. ’83 and Neil T. McGorrian Fellowship at Dartmouth and The Stamps Foundation Scholarship at CalTech

8. University of Pennsylvania and Duke University (Tie) Kay Scholarships at University of Pennsylvania and University Scholarships Program at Duke University

6. Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Tie) University Scholarships at Stanford and Balanced Man Scholarship at MIT

4. University of Chicago and Columbia University UChicago Charter School Scholarship at University of Chicago and Paul Nichoplas Scholarship at Columbia

3. Yale University Yale University Scholarships

1. Princeton University and Harvard University Endowed Undergraduate Scholarships at Princeton University and Harvard University Scholarships

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How seriously do you take the rankings? Do they influence your college choice?

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