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Alternative Spring Break

"Spring Fix," an alternative version, has replaced the traditional week of partying on MTV this year.

Elizabeth Hoyt

March 05, 2013

Alternative Spring Break
What was once a time to party and kick back with friends has now become a time to give back and serve others – at least if MTV has anything to say about it. The network that infamously hosts annual Spring Break specials has put the party agenda aside this year in order to encourage college students to make a difference. The cause behind the decision? The devastation that occurred in New York and New Jersey communities as a result of Hurricane Sandy.
MTV, in partnership with United Way and mtvU, has come up with this year’s alternative Spring Break dubbed "Spring Fix," where they’ll bring 50 college students together to work to rebuild the affected communities, clean up the damaged shores and rubble from the demolished houses. “Spring Fix” begins March 17 and continues through March 23rd, with a televised concert special at Six Flags Adventure in New Jersey which will also coincide with the park’s season opening. Park attendees, as well as “Spring Fix” volunteers, can enjoy the free concert and a portion of the day’s proceeds will be donated to United Way.
MTV plans to document the experience in its entirety, just as they would with their normal Spring Break broadcast, though we’re thinking the tone will be slightly different than in years past. How can you get in on the action? Well, if you think giving back is something you might be interested in, here are some suggestions of how can you make a difference:
  • Alternative Spring Break
    Though the application process for this particular alternative Spring Break experience has closed, there are still plenty of other ways to serve if you’re interested in making a difference through an alternative Spring Break, both with victims of Hurricane Sandy and many other great causes.

  • Donate
    There are plenty of great causes out there! Find one you’re excited about and donate! If you don’t have the funds, no worries, there are plenty of ways you can fund-raise to make a difference.

  • Become an Advocate
    Speak about causes you care about – many people care but just don’t know enough about issues out there to get involved or make a difference. Educating people often makes all the difference in the world.

  • Volunteer
    Every cause needs volunteers in all sorts of areas – from cleaning up disaster zones to making phone calls. Whatever you’re comfortable with and whatever your talents are, utilize what you can to help the causes you’re most passionate about.

Would you consider an alternative Spring Break?

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