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Ace Everything! Studying 101

Not all of the student population is capable of studying properly - here's a studying 101 guide to help.

Diane Won

November 04, 2013

Ace Everything! Studying 101
Innumerable students choose to undertake the art of studying in order to succeed in school. However, not all of the student population is capable of studying properly. As studying may be extremely critical to one’s test results, it is advisable you remember that success is all about endeavors, in addition to your determination and ambition.

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Hence the purpose of studying - whether it is studying for an assessment which will take place in a couple minutes, in a day, or within a week. Beginning With Fundamental Tips When preparing for an approaching exam, basic precautions should be taken in able to concentrate on the duty at hand.

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● Isolate yourself. Secure a quiet room free of disturbances with a spacey working area. Be in comfortable attire. ● Do not let the cell phone distract you.

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Turn it to mute and place it at some distance away from you. Make up some excuse for your pesky friends who keep texting you. If the phone is necessary to your task but you cannot stay focused on what you are using the phone for (ex: internet research), remind yourself that you do not want a F. Picture that gigantic, fat F for failure on that test you could not even complete for lack of knowledge, because you were so busy messaging on Facebook, or guffawing at hilarious photos online. Unfortunately, that F will make a negative impact on your overall class grade. To get the best grade, you have to trade in your short-term pleasures. A good grade or momentary relaxation? Weigh the worth of your decisions. Overall Tips to Heighten Your Studying Experience At times, you may come upon bouts of sleep in the midst of studying. For improved mental retrieval and to prevent yourself from nodding off, take into account the following: ● When studying, catch a couple of breaks to give your mind more breathing room. ● Listen to music at a medium-low volume for stimulation and spirit. Yet too much music may create pandemonium, causing lack of attention. Keep it under control. Retention
When it comes to memorizing, these simple memory techniques are fool-proof. 1. Organize information into meaningful chunks by using acronyms familiar to you. 2. Process the information with depth. Know and understand what it is that you are trying to take in. Do not attempt to memorize terms or concepts by definitions that you do not comprehend. 3. Relate the material in meaningful ways (ex: in Pre-Calculus, the slope, m, equals 0 on a horizontal line. Horizontal, like when the sun sets in the horizon. To me, the sun represents a 0). 4. Test your skills with the help of others, through online resources, or by creating flashcards. Desperate Times There you sit, stumped. Not ready for cramming. Facing a boatload of papers, laden with a multitude of information you are supposed to absorb for the sudden test you are fearing… Keep the anxiety at bay. Fortunately, there are quick methods a procrastinator can use to evade a F (or if you were not procrastinating and the trouble is a pop quiz). ● If the test is the day of, look over your notes as thoroughly as you can. Skim it quickly once, then retrace your steps by reviewing the notes slowly, going back over every word, making sense of what is being read. ● Study the night before, if you can. The material sticks better when you sleep with the information in your head. ● Stay up late, if that helps, or wake up a little earlier in the morning. They say that getting a small amount of sleep is always worse than studying a little more, but I found that is usually not true for me. I only occasionally nod off in some classes on those days. Long story short, the sleep problem differs for all. Get as much sleep as you can. Do not take the chance of not sleeping on extraordinarily significant tests. ● To incorporate definitions into your short-term memory, say each word along with its definition in your head as well as audibly. Smart Studying Always make an effort to study some time prior to the assessment. Studying over a more extended period of time, such as over the course of a couple days, helps one to retain information. When studying beforehand, 1. Ask your teacher about what will be on the test, as well as how the test will be formatted. 2. Evenly divide up the information. For example, if you are to be tested in two weeks on five chapters, each chapter composed of 20 pages, then try to read ten pages each day for ten days. 3. Develop a reading or review schedule for yourself. Utilizing Resources 1. Discover online resources available on sites. Search for the name and company of your textbook on Google. There will either be a companion website to the book or other websites with chapter summaries, notes, extra practice, or interactive videos on lessons you had not previously clearly perceived. 2. Take advantage of videos. There are helpful videos on websites like KhanAcademy or YouTube. These are useful supplements to look into whenever you have an issue with math or sciences such as Physics. The videos do bolster your intelligence, whether you realize it or not. Multiple Tests OMG, it’s one of those days that you have a test for three classes each. When studying for multiple subjects: ● Set times for each subject. In the hypothetical scenario that you have to study for three subjects in six hours, estimate the amount of time it would take you to study for each subject. First tackle the subjects you consider yourself to be stronger in or that you believe would consume less time. Suppose the vocab takes you an hour to study. Then for algebra and chemistry, your weaker subjects, you can budget up to two and a half hours each. ● Study one subject at a time; else you will be all muddled up. To survive school, studying is a must. Winging it is not enough. For some sense of promise, studying is needed. In this sense, studying is a safety net, there to halt your fall. With it, you have more of a chance, elevated prospects.

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