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A Student's Angst

Students have an open world ahead of them and a plethora of opportunities.

Lahela Maxwell

December 06, 2012

A Student's Angst
Tick tock. That’s all I hear as I push in my applications for college. Tick tock.

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The clock’s ticking as I type in yet again, my first name, last name, address, alternative address, birthdate and phone number. What am I going to do with my life? I have an idea, but the most terrifying thing, is that I won’t in a day, a month, a year. What will I do then, when I've wasted time, energy and money into college, while I learn that I actually hate what I've wanted to be since I was a child? What then? But I know that I am not alone. I think it’s a little messed up to demanding students to start deciding what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Heck, I consider myself lucky that I have a vague idea of what I want to do with my life.

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My best friend has no idea on Earth of what she wants do as a career. It frustrates her; she’s great at math, a talented writer, and an animal on the piano. But as we sit together and look at colleges, she is constantly vacillating between majors, careers, and scenarios: “Perhaps veterinarian school, I love animals... oh wait, but I've always wanted to continue writing, and maybe join an orchestra at an arts school...” Now, despite the fact that she’s marvelous at anything she does, she still lacks a sense of direction. A pull towards a grand plan that will change her life. And because of that, I am a bit jealous. Even though other students bemoan their shortage of vision, I applaud their freedom. They have a wide open world ahead of them, and a plethora of opportunities.

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I don’t think that people without a rigid plan are losers, or slackers. They just merely haven’t found their passion yet. I’d rather have someone enter medical school when she is ready and passionate, not when he or she can’t decide what else to do. America used to lead the world in college graduates, but now we lead the world in college dropouts. What happened? A change in the way the world determines academic achievement, and eventually, and success. We no longer can be just a brain, a sponge. We can’t just know stuff. We have to love stuff too! We have to have grit, determination, and passion. I know that what I want to do in college, what I want to study, is what I've always wanted to do. I know it because I feel it in my bones, that I know that I love to write, and that I can’t see my world without a pen and a paper being my life. And I want everyone to have that. I want the world to love what they do. It’s okay if you don’t have your 10-year-plan mapped out. No one’s plans are ever going to completely go through, step by step. So if your plans divert, stay calm. Just make sure that you love where your path is leading.

Do you know what you what to do with your life?

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