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A Letter From the Editor...

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 11, 2013

College. Who cares where you end up, right? Wrong. YOU SHOULD! Attending college was one of the single greatest experiences of my lifetime. Though terrified at first, I rose to the challenges and grew from each new experience. I was able to study what I loved, evolve socially with friends and learn about myself in the process. A little about my background: I graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Journalism, specializing in Apparel and Textile Design.

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While being amongst an ocean of freshman at a Big 10 school was intimidating, I look back fondly knowing that it was the right choice of school.
Ironically, it wasn't my choice at all. My parents insisted that I attend a larger school with a campus feel, while I begged to attend a smaller, private institution in a city.

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Luckily, those who write the checks make the decisions and, in my case, it was dear old mom and dad. I suppose the moral of the story, Fastwebbers, is to let others share in your decision. You may be surprised when others know what’s best. I know I was and still am frequently. Good luck in your search!

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