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A Dad's List of Advice for College Students

Sometimes, a father knows best. A dad offers advice to college students.

Glen Soden

April 21, 2009

A Dad's List of Advice for College Students
    1. Beware of studying in bed – always better to sit up (otherwise it is too easy to fall asleep while reading or studying). 2. Eat healthy and exercise, even and especially during preparation for exams or papers. 3. Eat breakfast.

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    4. Watch your sleep – get enough. 5. Value friendships.

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    6. Attempt to develop at least one ongoing dialogue with a professor, assistant professor, instructor or graduate assistant. 7. Get to know the community. 8. Be aware of your surroundings. 9. Keep Greek or independent life in perspective. 10. Give yourself a break once in awhile and don’t be afraid to admit mistakes. 11. Use college/university to explore intellectually as you may discover interests and talents you never knew. 12. Vary where you study, don’t always study in your room, use the library as well. 13. Remember careers can change and so can majors. 14. Be positive and use the value of humor. Glenn Soden is the father of two daughters. One recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and the other from Duke University and Boston University’s Dental School.

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