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Twitter Chat Recap: #ScholarshipChat with @AidScholarship

Check out the transcript from our #ScholarshipChat to get great scholarship tips for your search.

Elizabeth Hoyt

March 14, 2018

Twitter Chat Recap: #ScholarshipChat with @AidScholarship
Did you miss our #ScholarshipChat with @AidScholarship from Don't worry! Here's the full transcript. It's full of great scholarship tips to help you improve your scholarship search.
What is Fastweb?

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Fastweb is your connection to scholarships, financial aid & more.

Fastweb works by matching the information in your completed profile to scholarships from a database of over 1.5 million scholarships worth over $3.4 billion. Whether you’re a high school freshman or a returning adult we’ve got scholarships and information to help you find ways to pay for school. Besides providing you with scholarships you actually qualify for and eliminating the need to scour the web, we also provide advice on financial aid, college admissions, student life and tools such as financial aid calculators and checklists. We’ve prepared the free tools to help you find ways to pay for school, now it’s up to the student to use them. Log in to your account often to see your most recent Fastweb scholarship matches and the latest in financial aid news.
1. What is the main goal of Fastweb and how does it differ from other scholarship listing and matching sites?
Fastweb is the premier online resource when it comes to paying for & preparing for school – and it’s completely free. We have scholarships for every type of student from the high school freshmen to the returning adult. We’ve been around for over 20 years and have earned a reputation as a leading scholarship search provider. We not only find scholarships but offer our members information on financial aid, jobs and internships, student life and more.
2. How can students sign-up for a Fastweb college scholarship search and is it 100% free?
Anyone who is at least 13 years of age with a valid U.S. address can become a member of Fastweb for free. Fastweb is 100% free. There is no charge to use Fastweb or to access any of the information we provide. Our research team also vets Fastweb scholarships we connect you with to ensure they never charge for entry. Legitimate scholarships pay students, not the other way around. Become familiar with the red flags of scholarship scams here.
3. How can students best fill out their profile to get the most relevant Fastweb scholarship matches?
Any profile info we ask for pertains to scholarships in our database, by providing us with this information we can rule out any scholarships that you don’t qualify for and match you with ones that you do. Filling out a profile thoroughly AND updating it regularly will ensure you’re matched to the correctly targeted opportunities. Utilize the tools available on our site, such as the profile wizard, regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date information in your profile.
4. What is the best way for students to keep track of all the emails that Fastweb sends to them?
It’s important to remember that if you’re receiving many emails it’s only because you qualify for tons of scholarships! Instead of viewing them as junk mail, utilize them to maximize your chances at winning a scholarship.When you receive emails, it’s often a reminder that your scholarship deadlines are approaching. Utilize them as a resource to manage your upcoming deadlines. Under your Fastweb scholarships profile, you’re able to specify which types of email notifications you receive under the “subscription settings” tab. There you’re able to indicate which types of emails you’d like to receive.
5. How can parents help their students in the college scholarship process?
It’s common for parents of students often want to help them find ways to pay for school and that’s why they are able to create their own Fastweb profile. When a parent fills out a profile looking for Fastweb scholarships for their student, they should complete the information based on the types of scholarships they would like matches for. For example, if your student graduates in 2018, enter that for the graduation year. Parents can also encourage their students to keep applying, help them organize their scholarship search, edit scholarship essays & motivate their students to meet deadlines. The process can be frustrating, so having support is always helpful.
6. Do you have any college scholarship essay tips to share?
Many scholarship essays are similar, so it’s helpful to keep all essays handy and edit them based on the specific scholarship you’re applying for. Create a file with all of your saved essays and you will be able to edit them rather than starting from scratch each time you’re ready to apply for a scholarship. Make your essay memorable. Remember that scholarship judges are overwhelmed with piles of essays, so you want to make yours stand out from the stack.
7. So many students are overwhelmed by the whole college scholarship process. How can a Fastweb scholarship search help them?
Fastweb has many tools created to help students, including a profile wizard found here, to help you narrow down your scholarship search. Download our app. It allows you to keep track of your scholarships the go and connect with us via mobile to stay on track with your scholarship search constantly. There are a lot of best practices for your scholarship search to follow. For example, applying weekly and breaking your search into smaller tasks can help the search seem less overwhelming.
8. What advice do you have for students to stay motivated in the scholarship search and applying process?
Applying for scholarships is a numbers game. The more you apply to, the better your chances of winning. Stay focused on the goal of winning and keep applying. It’s important to not become discouraged if you’re not immediately successful and stop your search. If you don’t apply, you’re guaranteed not to win so keep at it! The more effort you put in, the likelier you are to see results. It’s true that it’s difficult at times to win a scholarship and not everyone is guaranteed to win one. But, students DO win scholarships through our site, and our Wall of Fame proves it.
9. What is your best advice to students who claim to apply for TONS of Fastweb scholarships, but never win any?
Make sure you’re familiar with best practices for your scholarship search. Connect with Fastweb on all of your social media platforms. We constantly highlight scholarships in real time that you may have missed, including those with upcoming deadlines. Understand the process. A lot of students assume that they will win scholarships simply by signing up for Fastweb, which isn’t the case. We find the opportunities, but it’s up to the student to complete the application process. Have questions about scholarships? Read our FAQs found here.
10. Please share your top 3 college scholarship tips with our #ScholarshipChat participants who are working on finding scholarships with Fastweb.
When it comes to scholarships, your mantra should be “apply early and apply often.” Don’t count out smaller scholarships. They can add up and usually have a lot less competition than the larger awards. Don’t shy away from scholarships that require more effort and only apply for “easy” scholarships. It’s okay to apply for easy scholarships but, as with most things, the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to see results. For more scholarship tips and to see our scholarship Twitter chats in real time, follow Fastweb on Twitter -- @PayingforSchool.

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