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Get Paid to Stay In State? Students Speak Out

Contributing Fastweb Student Members

June 05, 2007

We asked FastWeb members whether they would consider staying in their home state after graduation if it meant they wouldn't have to pay back their student loans and here's what they had to say:

"I definitely would stay in my home state for loan forgiveness. I have personally already been a college graduate for a year and see this as a program that would work to my advantage. It usually takes college grads one to three years to get their feet off the ground, so this program would be a great help along the way. The only potential problem that I can see with this program is if there is not a high enough job availability in each recent grad's respective area of study."

Jessica Wilson

"Definitely, I would stay in my home state if I did not have to pay back any loans at all. That would be the biggest load off my parents’ shoulders and mine. I think it is a great idea to stay in your own state to go to college to support your own state or even hometown."

Chase A. Kyles

"Heck yes I would! I live in Georgia and the state has a lot to offer. There're beaches, mountains, cities and rural areas. Staying in Georgia for five or so years would be a small price to pay to not have student loans to repay back."

Lori Gantt

"I believe an in-state student loan forgiveness program is an excellent concept. I would strongly consider remaining in any state and working for several years to have my educational loans forgiven. I am going to work regardless of the area, so why not stay at home and give back my time and energy and assets that have been developed?"

Cynthia Gins

"A program to help pay off loans just for staying close to home for a certain amount of years could be looked at as just another step to launching a successful career. Students could get more experience in their field and wouldn’t have to worry so much about financial debts incurred during college. This would also give back to the community or state they grew up in and if they so choose after the allotted time is completed, they can spread their wings and fly off to where they wish to be."

Yuri Camberos

"Stay local and be debt free after graduation? It is definitely worth serious consideration. Starting one's career in their home state is not such a high trade off. Not only is it a profitable venture, it may help to stay grounded while building up experience and confidence."

Lourdes LaPolla

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