Financial Aid

February is Financial Aid Awareness Month

There are many financial aid opportunities out there for students. Get the FAFSA basics, understand financial aid related to COVID, and helpful tools to navigate all ways financial aid can help you pay for college.

Shawna Newman

January 31, 2022

February is Financial Aid Awareness Month
Financial aid helps you pay for college!
February is a short month full of notable events and celebrations. But, did you know, February is also Financial Aid Awareness Month?
High school and current college students—including parents--find the below financial aid articles the most helpful:

What's the FAFSA? A General Overview

Get your answers on what the form is and how to start the process. • The Beginner's Guide to Financial Aid2022-23 Financial Aid and FAFSA State DeadlinesWhy Parents Should Fill Out the FAFSAWhy Should I Complete the FAFSA?After the FAFSA: What to Do Once You've Submitted Yours

Financial Aid, FAFSA + COVID Impact: Resources

COVID continues to influence financial aid for college students and for high school seniors. Find more student help and the latest federal financial aid solutions related to COVID: • $198M: Help Coming for Struggling College StudentsCOVID Scholarships

Filling Out Your FAFSA

Find what you need to fill out the FAFSA and other helpful financial aid tools: • FAFSA Checklist How to Submit a FAFSA through the myStudentAid Mobile AppQuick Tips for Filing Your FAFSA10 FAFSA Mistakes that Affect Financial Aid

Financial Aid 101

Understand what common terms you may encounter when working with all types of financial aid. Learn the best tools to help you understand how it all works: The Best Financial Aid and Loan CalculatorsUnderstand Your Student Aid ReportThe Beginner's Guide to Financial AidFinancial Aid Glossary15 Questions to Ask Your Financial Aid OfficeDropping Out Means Paying Back Financial AidQuestions to Ask About Your Financial Aid PackageMaking Sense of Your EFC

Financial Freak Outs: Q & A

When it comes to paying for school, things do not always go as planned. Below are some common concerns, and student or family circumstances related to financial aid: • Federal Financial Aid and the Independent Student How Do I Become Independent on the FAFSA If I Am Under Age 24? Which parent is responsible for completing the financial aid application? Does Filing a FAFSA Obligate You in Any Way?
Are Parents Responsible for Repaying a Child's Student Loans?
Financial Aid without Filing the FAFSA?

All About Scholarships

Scholarships are forms of aid, too. Discover everything about scholarships, from how you can better fill out applications to maximizing your opportunities to win more. • Are Financial Aid and Scholarships the Same Thing?Scholarship Best PracticesFastweb's Scholarship DirectoryScholarship Scam Red Flags

All About Student Loans

Sometimes, you must take out loans to pay for school. Start your student loan journey informed with help from these articles: • Student Loan GlossaryThe Best Student Loans CalculatorsBorrowing for College: How Much is Too Much?

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