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Tipton is a town in Tillman County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 847 at the 2010 census.

Tipton also is home to a home for children, founded in 1928, when Sol Tipton donated a plot of land to the founders. The original Tipton Home was in Canadian, Texas.

Tipton lies on the northern portion of the Tillman Terrace Aquifer, an alluvial aquifer in western Tillman County, associated with the southern extent of the North Fork of the Red River. The farmland surrounding Tipton is noted for high-quality soils. "Tipton loam" is considered to be among the most ideal soils in the United States. Much of the farmland is devoted to irrigated cotton. Other crops include alfalfa, silage corn, and wheat. Truck crops were grown in this area until the 1950s and have made a recent comeback.

It holds the record for the warmest temperature ever recorded for Oklahoma. 120°F (49°C) recorded on June 27, 1994.

On May 16, 2015, the town was nearly hit by a violent wedge tornado.

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