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Gene therapy is the insertion, alteration, or removal of genes within an individual's cells and biological tissues to treat disease. It is a technique for correcting defective genes that are responsible for disease development. The most common form of gene therapy involves the insertion of functional genes into an unspecified genomic location in order to replace a mutated gene, but other forms involve directly correcting the mutation or modifying normal gene that enables a viral infection. Although the technology is still in its infancy, it has been used with some success.

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Matching Gene Therapy Colleges

University of Connecticut
Four or more years; Public; $25,152 average out-state tuition; $8,256 average in-state tuition

Gene Therapy Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
Nursing and Health Related Scholarship - SFC $1,600 December 01, 2017
Lillian Stump Nursing and Health Related Scholarship $1,600 December 01, 2017
Colonel R. James Glikes Memorial Scholarship $1,600 December 01, 2017
Dr. Frank Veden Endowed Scholarship $1,200 December 31, 2017
Germaine K. Queen Scholarship $400 June 01, 2018
Donald E. Caswell Memorial Scholarship $300 March 01, 2018
DNA Day Essay Contest Up to $1,000 March 09, 2018
SIKHS Serving America, Inc. Scholarship Varies December 01, 2017
Nina Royce McGraw Memorial Scholarship Varies December 01, 2017
Dr. Steve and Dee Ann Stults Scholarship Varies December 01, 2017