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Ruxton and Riderwood are unincorporated communities in Baltimore County, Maryland. They are sometimes considered a part of Towson and are part of Towson's census area.

The boundaries of Ruxton have been established largely by local custom. Both the eastern boundary, Charles Street, and the western, Falls Road, are generally agreed upon. The northern and southern boundaries are somewhat imprecise. To the northeast, Ruxton and neighboring Riderwood are bounded by the Baltimore Beltway (I-695); to the northwest, affiliation with Ruxton follows West Joppa Road, the Old Court Road extension alongside the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway (I-83), and finally Ruxton Road to the intersection with Falls. A southern boundary can be discerned by drawing a crude line from the southerly intersection of Bellona Avenue and Charles to the intersection of West Lake Avenue and Falls.

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