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Mooseheart is an unincorporated community and a home for children in Kane County, Illinois, United States run by the Loyal Order of Moose and is located near Aurora. Also known as City of Children, a short documentary film City of Children (1949), written by John Nesbitt, was in the Passing Parade. Established in 1913, it celebrated its centennial in 2013.

Like the Moose Lodge, Mooseheart was only open to Caucasians. In the 1950s, a pediatrician conducting a longitudinal study of children's growth at Mooseheart recalled there was tension since he felt that the board of directors was conducting to prove the superiority of the white race. By the 1990s, Mooseheart was open to children of all races and predominantly enrolled minority children.

In the mid 1990s, five Mooseheart employees were criminally charged with sexually abusing children.

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