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Equinunk is a village in Buckingham and Manchester Townships in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. The community's name is pronounced /ˈiːkwɪnɒk/ EE-kwi-nok.

The village is said[by whom?] to have been founded on the eve of the birth of a girl in March 1892. Since then, Equinunk has grown to become the home to 1200 (as of Jan. 2012.) The village stands at an elevation of 900 ft, where the Equinunk Creek flows into the Delaware River. While Equinunk is situated on the southern shore, the northern shore carries a commercial, single-track rail line which has been in operation since 1869. Due to its proximity to the tracks, cargo train enthusiasts from around the country come to Equinunk to view the often 50+ car trains roll along the winding Delaware River. With a fairly even sex distribution and the median age of its inhabitants at 49 years, Equinunk is statistically similar to many other towns and villages in the area. However, its small size makes it unique.

The village is served by a United States Postal Office branch (ZIP code 18417), Hunt's General Store, an independent retail establishment, a traditional Methodist church, and a local bar. Wendy's Village Barn Restaurant recently closed its doors in 2011 but it remains to be seen who will take over the hole left by this business' absence.

. The Equinunk Historical Society began with a series of organizational meetings starting in March 1981, with the stated purpose of bringing together those people interested in the history of Equinunk, Stockport, Dillontown, Lordville, and surrounding areas of northern Wayne County, and to discover and collect any material which may help to establish or illustrate the history of the area and provide for the preservation of such material and for its accessibility as far as may be feasible, to all who wish to study or examine it.

Specifically, the society promotes the Joel Hill Water-Powered Sawmill.

and the Calder House Museum.

Despite its small size, the area has two long-running summer camps: Camp Equinunk, which was founded in 1920, and Camp Blue Ridge, which was founded in 1923.

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