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Bainbridge, Pennsylvania is a census-designated place located in Conoy Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with a zip code of 17502. Bainbridge is located along Pennsylvania Route 441. As of the 2010 census the popululation was 1,355 residents.

Prior to European settlement, Bainbridge was the site of a Conoy village in the first decades of the 18th century, possibly called Conejoholo.


Bainbridge eventually became home to the Conoys and Nanticokes tribes back in the early 1700s when the English settlers pushed them out of their original home. Prior to the move, the Conoys lived in modern-day Baltimore and the Nanticokes lived across the Chesapeake Bay, in modern-day Delaware. In 1632 there were about 2,500 among the tribes and by 1697 there were only about 300 due to diseases brought over by the English.


White Cliffs

The White Cliffs of Conoy are quite old, but have only recently been open to the public. The cliffs look out over the Susquehanna River and are the direct result of the limestone quarry.

Koser Park

Koser Park is the starting point of a paved trail that stretches 15 miles long. The trail goes through Marietta, Pennsylvania and Columbia, Pennsylvania

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