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Your Daily Dose of College Prep

It’s not always easy to set aside time to think about how to prepare for college and then actually prepare for college.

Elizabeth Hoyt

December 20, 2013

Your Daily Dose of College Prep
It’s not always easy to set aside time to think about how to prepare for college and then actually prepare for college. That’s why we created easier ways you can prepare for college without even disrupting your daily routine, so you can go on living life without the hassle of worrying about the future – at least not as much. So, presenting multi-tasking at its finest, with easy-to-implement college prep methods you can incorporate into your current daily routine (you’ll hardly even notice the change):

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Learn Smarter Do this by getting in smarter in-class habits such as participating in class discussions, sitting closer to the front of the classroom (so you will have to pay attention), keep up with readings and course assignments, becoming a smarter note-taker and attending office hours or asking for help from your teachers when you need it (not waiting until right before the exam). Know You Have Options

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As long as you’re aware that you do, indeed, have options and that you’re fully aware you’re able to choose any option you wish, you’re on the right path. Your parents, friends, counselors and finances may impact your choices, however, should not be the key factor in your college decision. Remember, things have a way of working themselves out and if you have a dream (like attending a school that’s a little more expensive) there are methods of making it become a reality (like applying for scholarships). Practice Balance in Creating Course Schedules This sounds like common sense, but all too many students pile on far too many difficult classes that they struggle with one semester and take a majority of electives the next. Why do that to yourself? Spreading out courses into a mix of challenging and enjoyable, difficult and interesting makes the semester tolerable and much easier to cope with stress! Explore Your Personality The more you explore and learn about your interests, the easier it will be to narrow down your college choices. That’s because you will have a better sense of your likes, dislikes and, perhaps, even what you might like to pursue in terms of career options. At least you might discover what you absolutely don’t want to pursue! Either way, discovering who you are is part of growing into adulthood and will help guide you towards your next phase in life. You can do this in a variety of ways, like taking up hobbies, extracurricular activities, volunteering, part-time jobs, internships or contacting employers about shadowing them for a day or two. The last option would even be a great way to network and make great future internship connections as well!

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