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Why Does My Child Need the iPad?

The iPad may become crucial to obtaining a college degree.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

July 07, 2010

Why Does My Child Need the iPad?
As Apple continues to revolutionize the way we work and play, their products become not only more appealing but practical as well. Whether your child is in high school or enrolling in college, the Apple iPad works to educate, organize, and entertain during those much-needed study breaks. Prices for the iPad begin at $499 with free shipping for students. Need an Education? There’s an App for That. With over 200,000 apps (and counting) to choose from for the iPad, there’s sure to be some that are educational, right? Of course—that would explain why universities like Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania and George Fox University in Oregon are giving away free iPads to incoming students, with many other colleges and universities devising plans to do the same in the fall of 2011. In fact, many textbook publishers are creating apps exclusively for the iPad, hoping to have them ready before the school year officially begins.

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Apps like “the Elements” provide an in-depth look at educational materials that can be accessed with just one touch of the screen. “The Elements” teaches the origin of each element on the periodic table, the discovery, and the role it now plays in the universe. Educational platforms like Blackboard have also launched apps for the iPad, allowing students to upload papers, check grades and assignments, and discuss projects or e-mail professors and classmates. Educational apps like these will expand the limitations of the classroom or university library by making any and all information accessible with just the touch of a fingertip.

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Catch Up on Current Events Being up to date on the national and global headlines is more vital in the classroom today than ever. Students are required to have a current grasp on the conflict in the Middle East for their international politics course while journalism students are learning how to investigate and report through current newspapers and magazines. Three years ago, students would have had a paper subscription to every publication, but with the iPad, students can pull up The New York Times and Newsweek just by touching the screen. Furthermore, it’s better than having to read these online publications on the iPhone. As opposed to the 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone, the iPad’s screen is approximately 9.7 inches, giving your child a better glimpse of the news they need to read. Also, its large size means there is no scrolling necessary. Instead, everything can be viewed in either portrait or landscape.

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Organizing a book swap can help keep college costs down. Stay Organized & In Touch Time management is one of the major lessons learned in high school and college. On top of academics, students must balance extracurricular activities and their social lives. The iPad creates several apps for this as well. Things is an app for the iPad that makes creating and checking off a to-do list much more hands on and therefore productive. Your child will be able to sync their to-do items with their calendar and projects, creating a platform that stimulates organizational and time management skills. Additionally, the iPad makes staying in touch easy. The e-mail app allows students to type e-mail messages using a touch keyboard that appears directly on the screen. You can also purchase a separate keyboard for the iPad, one of the many accessories available now for purchase. Another iPad accessory must-have is the case that not only protects your device but also lets you navigate your iPad from a variety of positions.

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