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Updates to the GRE Program

For students looking into attending graduate or business school, updates have been made to the GRE Program.

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 13, 2016

Updates to the GRE Program
Thanks to changes made a few years ago, the GRE® is helping more test-takers achieve the results they want. In July of 2013, the GRE® Program made it possible to retake the test in as little as 21 days after the first test and five times within a continuous year. The GRE® revised General Test is available at nearly 1,000 test centers in more than 160 countries. The GRE® also allows the test taker to decide which of their scores are sent to each school of the student’s choice – the only admissions exam tests with such an option. Additionally, those who choose to retake the exam are able to decide which scores are available for schools to view.

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“The GRE® Program continues to find ways to make testing more readily available for individuals around the world to help them succeed,” said Dawn Piacentino, Director of Communications and Services for the GRE® Program. “If, for example, someone didn’t feel they did their best on test day, the 21-day policy now allows them to retake the test quickly and still meet application deadlines.”
Computer-based tests are offered year round, while paper-based tests are offered around three times yearly. Test takers are able to register for both the computer-based and paper-based tests online, with a credit or debit card, unless any special accommodations are being requested such as health needs, disabilities, fee reductions and Monday testing.

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According to the ETS web site, your test fee allows you to request that your scores be sent to up to four graduate or business programs or fellowship sponsors. Note that if you’re taking the computer-based version of the test, you will need to select your test score recipients on the test day but, if you’re taking the paper version, you will need to designate the recipients upon registration. Before you register, check out the ETS web site to learn more about fees, scheduling and cancellation policies so that you’ll be prepared in any given situation.

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Also, take note of the time frame between your test date and admissions deadline. You should allow a sufficient period of time for scores to be reported to schools and you don’t want to miss any deadlines. On the actual day of the test, you must bring a valid form of identification in order to be able to take the exam. If you’re considering taking the GRE® test, register early as seats fill up quickly and application deadlines are rapidly approaching.

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