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Trapped in the College: Electric Boogalo

Rich Coleman (Fastweb Member)

June 09, 2007

Trapped in the College: Electric Boogalo

I was on a four-day college extravaganza recently and got to look at some fine colleges. Last week I gave Shippensburg a 9/10, which is a very good rating.

After we left Shippensburg, we headed west to Edensburg, Pa., which is in the proximity of St. Francis University. We got to the hotel and relaxed while watching TV or reading. We looked forward to another bright sunny day of visiting colleges.

Little did we know that the next day would bring terrible news. Not only did gas prices skyrocket, but also there were going to be thunderstorms all day! Needless to say, we were not happy campers. No, not happy at all. We battled our way toward St. Francis University like a ship in the middle of a storm. Only instead of a ship, we rode in a Chevy Prizm. But it was just as scary. Our windshield wipers were no match for this squall.

We ended up on the grounds of St. Francis but we were completely lost. We had no idea where the admissions building was and it was raining cats and dogs. I volunteered to wander off by myself and try to find it while my grandparents looked for a good parking spot.

I found the building after 10 minutes, and the people there were quite nice. They gave me a couple umbrellas when I told them that my grandparents were waiting for me to come get them. When we came inside, they offered us all coffee, which my grandparents were very happy to have.

The admissions counselor eventually took us in his office and we had an interview. He was a really nice guy and told me the ins-and-outs of St. Francis. He also said that there wouldn't be a problem with me being accepted, which is always good to hear.

Afterwards, they offered a tour, even though it was raining, and I decided to go. I had an umbrella so it wouldn't be too bad. I must say, though, colleges really look different when it's pouring rain. They look bleak and drab, which is a shame because St. Francis would probably look like a great campus if the sun were out.

After looking at St. Francis, I realized that it might be too small. There are only 1200 undergraduates and 800 graduates. I'm a fan of small schools but I think that's just too small for me. Also, the town of Loretto is just in the middle of nowhere, with not much to do. Overall, I give it a 7/10. It's a great looking school but too small for me. I'll still apply but right now I prefer Shippensburg to St. Francis.

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