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The SAT Subject Tests

Carrie Greenberg

September 04, 2008

The SAT Subject Tests
What Is It? The SAT Subject Tests (also called the SAT II: Subject Tests) is a series of one-hour, multiple choice, standardized exams that test a student's knowledge of a particular subject. Up to three tests can be required for admission by some colleges while other colleges do not require any. Entrance requirements vary from college to college. SAT Subject exams are offered in more than 20 different subjects that are concentrated in the following five areas: English, history, mathematics, science and languages. The writing test was administered for the last time in January 2005 due to the recent changes to the SAT.

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Scoring Like the SAT, scores are based on an 800-point scale with points awarded for correct answers, fractional points subtracted for wrong answers and skipped questions not counted. When Should You Take the SAT Subject Tests? While most students take subject tests in their junior and senior year, you can take an SAT Subject Test as early as freshman and sophomore year. Guidance counselors recommend that students take some exams, such as chemistry, biology and world history, as soon as possible after completing the course while the material is still fresh. Students can take up to three SAT Subject Tests on a single test date. Students must indicate which Subject Tests they plan to take when they register for a test. However, they can change their minds right up to the test date. Consult your guidance counselor to determine which tests you should take. For more information on the SAT Subject Tests including test dates, strategies and sample questions visit the College Board's .

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