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The College Admissions Process

Learn how to navigate and survive the college admissions process.


March 09, 2009

The College Admissions Process

List your options and diversify

Now comes the hard part: making your list. No worries, CampusCompare will make it easier.

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Ask yourself, “Can I get in to this school?” It’s as simple as this: Create a profile on CampusCompare, tell us what you’re looking for in a college, and we will help make the best choice for you. Our ”match meter” will indicate whether the school suits your criteria and will help you see whether the school is a good fit.

So you’re getting a step closer to working on your application. Before you work on that, consider how many and which schools you’re applying to. There is no right or wrong answer here. We can tell you that a college-bound student applies to an average of 12 colleges. So check out our college search page to help find the right college match for you!

You can break it down by listing the safety schools (the schools that you’re pretty confident you’ll get into – we’re talking a more than 90% chance), followed by target schools (these schools appeal to you and your chances of getting in are about 50%; this should be the bulk of your list) and finally reach schools (a couple of schools that you aren’t super confident about getting into, but that you would still love to attend; these are often the easiest ones to pinpoint). You can even organize your school list on CampusCompare.

This list will also help guide you to determine what to request and what you need to start gathering for the application process.

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