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300+ Colleges Still Have Openings for Fall 2016

Great news! There’s admissions space, financial aid and housing still available at more than 300 public and private colleges.

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 09, 2016

300+ Colleges Still Have Openings for Fall 2016
You blinked and another National Decision Day came - and went - faster than you could say "apply now." Yep, deadlines pass and even the best of us miss them sometimes. Didn’t apply by the deadline or get admitted in time? Don't let it hinder your college career! At more than 300 colleges, there’s space, financial aid and housing still available, which means that, no matter what the scenario, if you still want to attend college this fall, you’re in luck. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s (NACAC’s) annual College Openings Update, there’s still room at over 300 colleges for admissions, financial aid and housing availability.

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Counselors, parents and teachers utilize NACAC’s annual tool to assist students who have not yet completed the college application and admission process after May 1, also known as National Decision Day, which is the deadline observed by many colleges. If your hope is to attend a college or university starting the Fall 2016 semester and you haven’t made arrangements yet – you still can! Plus, both private and public colleges are listed within the update, so you’ll be able to find the right fit for your future.

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“We remind students and families at this time of year that admission is an ongoing process for many institution,” stated Joyce E. Smith, NACAC CEO, within a May 5, 2016 press release. “Some colleges will continue to have openings available even after the May 1 national response deadline, while others review applications throughout the year, as a matter of practice.”
“We are pleased to provide the update each year to support students who have not finalized the admission process,” said Smith. For students looking to take advantage of this opportunity, it’s important to note that the College Openings Update will remain accessible online via NACAC’s website through July 1. Additionally, the colleges listed within the resource will continue to modify their listings and availability as the number of openings changes within the next few months. View more than 300 colleges and universities that still have availability this fall within NACAC’s College Openings Update.

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