10 Questions to Ask Before Accepting an Offer

Melissa Bearns &Amp; Chris Diehl, Edited By Kathryn Knight

September 03, 2008

10 Questions to Ask Before Accepting an Offer
The college you’re considering offers your major, a variety of extracurricular activities and the ideal social mix. You’ve done your research and checked out the school’s location, class size, teacher/student ratio and dozens of other factors. You’re ready to accept their offer to attend. However, before you mail the deposit, make sure you ask some questions that are frequently overlooked in the decision-making process. 1. Is the office of residential life accessible to students? Can students switch if they get a terrible roommate, and how long does that process take? 2. Does the school provide student escorts to accompany students walking home late at night? 3. What is the average increase in tuition, and when are tuition increases next expected?
4. What are the hours at the student health clinic? What about 24-hour emergency care? What does the college’s health insurance cover, and are pre-existing conditions included in the coverage? 5. How does the college handle leaves of absence? 6. Can you pick your academic advisor? How do current students feel about the advising system? 7. Does the school offer storage facilities? How much does it cost? 8. What is the crime rate on campus? 9. What is a school’s policy on dorm room wear and tear? Are you responsible for compensating the school? 10. What kind of food does the cafeteria offer? What are the options when the cafeteria is closed? Choosing a college is an important decision. It’s where you will spend four years of your life and it can set the foundation for post-graduate success. Make an informed decision that will lead to an enjoyable, fulfilling college experience.

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