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Senior Year Blog

Rich Coleman

June 05, 2007

Closing Time:
You Don't Have to Go Home, but You Can't Stay Here
Feb. 17, 2006

Hola, ladies and gents. The good people at FastWeb have informed me that my contract is up! No more blogs from yours truly. Dry your eyes. It'll be okay, I promise. You can still believe in Santa.

The past six months have gone by really fast. I just want to thank everyone who has e-mailed me in the past. If I haven't answered you, I'll try to answer you soon. I really appreciate it though. Whenever I was in a bad mood or sad about something, I would read a new e-mail from someone saying that I'm funny or wishing me good luck with the whole college process. I've met a lot of interesting people through this whole experience and I'm very appreciative of it.

I also want to thank you, the reader! Without a lot of hits and positive feedback, they probably would have canned me from the get go, but a lot of you took interest, so for that I am very grateful. I hope I was at least mildly entertaining for most of you. I tried my best to not be boring and try to incorporate some fun stuff. But even if you flat out hated this blog and hated me, I still thank you for giving me a chance.

As for now, I plan on finishing high school. My classes are starting to get a bit easier. Or maybe I'm getting smarter....nah, that can't be it. I'm also planning on having an amazing time at the Battle of the Bands. It's really going to be fun this year. I'm also going to be visiting Penn State on March 28th or April 21st. It's going to be great to finally see my future home. And of course, there's the prom! I've already got a date for it…my ex-girlfriend. Yeah, she decided to come crawling back. She just couldn't handle it without me, I suppose, haha. So, yeah, we're now dating again, which makes me ecstatic!

But other than that, I plan on just relaxing, checking my MySpace for comments, and hanging out with friends. This has really been a great year and I thank you all for sharing in this experience with me. If anyone is going to Penn State-University Park, e-mail me! I want to start meeting future friends.

Once again…THANK YOU!!!!

Yours truly,
Rich Coleman

FAFSA and Other Ways to Have Fun Without a Frisbee
Jan. 31, 2006

“Ugh” is the word of the week. Or “bah,” “mrah” or any other word that resembles a grunt of some kind. Last week were my mid-term exams. They were all fairly easy but just very time consuming because of all the studying involved and what not. I only failed one (my environmental science exam, ironically) but I still passed for the year in that subject. I really hate science. Some people might love finding out how things work and what causes this and that but I just can’t stand it. Not so much that it’s boring, but…well, wait, yes, that’s exactly it. It’s boring. It doesn’t interest me whatsoever and when something doesn’t interest me, I can’t even feign interest.

What else is going on my life, hmm…I mailed in my admission acceptance ticket thingy to Penn State. I pretty much decided to go there, regardless of how much it’s going to cost me. I figured I’d send in my admission ticket so I could get my housing preference. If my friend Colin decides to go to Penn State, we agreed to room together during freshmen year so that’s something to look forward to.

I just got my W-2 form the other day and my grandparents and I are working on doing our taxes and filing the FAFSA. It’s really fun. Seriously. I can’t wait to do this process again next year. It’ll be fantastic!!!! Ugh. I also think I missed the money train, so to speak. I remember hearing Penn State stressing how important it was to file the FAFSA early. Sounds like I’ll owe a lot of money after I graduate due to all the loans I’ll be taking out.

Wow, this blog entry must really sound happy! Well, in good news, my band will be playing the Battle of the Bands on February 17th (we passed the audition) so that’ll be fun. I love playing music. Also, I’m starting up piano lessons again and I’m learning some Coldplay! That’s about it though for happy stuff.

Until next time, enjoy school now, because it only gets worse! Ha ha, just kidding, of course….or am I? No, I am. Seriously.


Green Tea is God's Gift to Humanity
Jan. 20, 2006

Hello again! Hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times. Hopefully all you seniors are up on your college stuff. I know I'm not! Still haven't done a thing with the FAFSA. So much stuff going on that it always just gets pushed aside. I know I'll be regretting this later when I get no money from the government. Stupid government with their money.

Today were the auditions for Battle of the Bands. I was pretty worried about them. We were all right last year and we actually passed auditions while not being that good but I was still nervous to get up in front of the "judges" and play guitar and sing. I was nervous about screwing up my singing and just overall nervous about possibly looking like an idiot. But thanks to the wonderful beverage that is green tea, my singing was on pitch! After we finished our set, everyone went wild and the judges said we did awesome, so unless they were lying and playing a cruel joke on me, I guess that means we'll be in it.

Besides that, the only other thing that's up is school. I have been MAJORLY slacking. Between you and me, I have been doing no homework. Well, that's a lie. I do homework. I'm not that punk rock. But I never do it at home. I know…mothers lock up your daughters; the bad boy is coming around. But yeah…I just get so lazy. AH! I really just want this year to be over. I just want to graduate and go to college. It sucks knowing you've been accepted to college. I've lost all motivation to excel in any classes. I'm sure all you seniors know what I mean. Speaking of which, I actually have to write a newspaper article/editorial about Senioritis. Oh, the fun I will have with that.

Well, that's about it. I'm going to see Motion City Soundtrack on March 18th! If you've never heard of them, they're a very fun band, check them out. And that's my music plug for this entry.

Peace up, A-town. Fo' sho.


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