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Seize the Moment: A Senior Year Bucket List

How can you ensure your senior year is a positive experience? Complete this senior year bucket list!

Andrea Deck, Varsity Tutors’ Contributor

July 23, 2014

Seize the Moment: A Senior Year Bucket List
Managing college applications, coursework, extracurricular activities, and outside commitments to your family, friends, and perhaps your employer can lead to a lot of stress. So how can you ensure your senior year is a positive experience? Complete the bucket list below! 1. Decide on the perfect person (or three) to write you a recommendation for university, and ask him or her to do so early in the school year.

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2. Try out a new activity—any pastime at all—that you have always wanted to try. Whether this means hiking a mountain, learning to write your name in Arabic, mastering the yo-yo, or volunteering at an event that interests you. 3. Ask an adult in your life to share his or her favorite pastime, book, sport, etc. Then, give it a try. Age often accompanies wisdom, and your elders may introduce you to a new passion! 4. Read a dense, difficult text—in other words, a collection of poems, an essay, a novel, or a short story that you must truly think about. A school assignment, no matter how deep, does not count in this case. Choose something you are not required to complete.

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5. Play! Set aside your studying for a moment, and learn to manage your anxiety and stress with a dose of exercise and fresh air. 6. Take a memorable photograph that you can share with your family, one that captures the quintessential high school experience. Smile beside the incredible sculpture you crafted in fifth period art, wear your varsity jacket, or pose with your best friend.

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7. Now, stop taking photographs. This may seem counter intuitive, because perhaps you would like to remember everything about high school. But viewing the world through the lens of a camera (or a camera phone) hinders your memory. Spend several hours or a week away from your cellphone. 8. Tell someone “thank you.” Whether you choose a coach, a teacher, or your parents, now is the best time to remind them that you are appreciative of their efforts. 9. Inform your family and friends about your plans for the next year. If you are attending college, participating in a gap year, or volunteering abroad, they will want to know—before you disappear! If you do not have a plan yet, that is okay, too. You simply cannot predict who may have an amazing idea for your next step in life. 10. Breathe. Your senior year of high school is not the finish line of your schooling marathon, and you must still function come graduation. Eat fruits and vegetables. Sleep. The year will fly by before you realize it, and it is important to ensure that you are ready to tackle the adventures ahead. Reaching your senior year of high school is a larger accomplishment than you may realize. Whatever it is you choose to do to make your senior year memorable, seize the moment because college will be here before you know it!

Andrea Deck is a professional GRE tutor and contributing writer for Varsity Tutors. She is a graduate student at Columbia University in the class of 2015.

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