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Online Degree Myths

Don't fall vicitim to online college rumors.


October 29, 2010

Online Degree Myths
Considering an online school to attend is no different than attending any other school. You weigh majors, tuition, and other factors much the same way. Yet, these schools carry a stigma that they aren’t legitimate colleges or universities. It’s time to debunk the myths surrounding online schools. Myth #1: Online Schools are Looked Down Upon By Employers A degree from an online school is no different from those awarded at other schools. Most employers don’t distinguish online degrees from others. Employers hire individuals with online degrees as long as your school is accredited and you’ve set yourself apart as a candidate. Success doesn’t change if you attend an online school.

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Myth #2: You Can’t Transfer Credits to Traditional Schools
Sometimes you can’t transfer credit from school to school. What really matters is whether the course you’ve taken at an online school has an equal course at the school you are now attending. Make sure to go through the course catalog and compare the courses. If the material covered is the same, you’ll probably be able to transfer the credit.

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Find the online school that is perfect for you. Myth #3: Getting an Online Degree is Easy The work involved in an online degree can be as demanding as any in ivy covered halls. Your professors hold the highest degree in their field and often work in the field they are teaching, which gives you real-world insight. Only you know for sure if school is too easy and whether you’re having a solid learning experience.

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Myth #4: You Won’t Learn Anything Online schools offer majors in fields that are in demand right now. In fields like healthcare and IT, online schools let you earn a degree towards careers that are growing and will ensure job security and stability. In the end, it’s up to you to put in the effort and dedication needed to learn the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career.

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