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Latino Students: 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Dr. Gary Rhodes

June 05, 2007

Latino Students: 10 Reasons to Study Abroad
Hispanic cultures have always had a major influence on shaping the United States, especially with increased immigration from Latin America in recent decades. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for you to showcase the great diversity that makes up the United States. Here are 10 reasons why you should study abroad:

  1. See the world and broaden your experience
    There are so many amazing things to experience around the world. Expand your knowledge of the world by actually being there, seeing it, touching it and experiencing it.

  2. Gain a new perspective on your own country
    In 1949, James Baldwin, the renowned African-American writer, wrote in Notes of a Native Son," "From the vantage point of Europe, [the American student] discovers his own country." Whatever country or continent you choose to visit, learning about your own country by living abroad remains extremely relevant today as we continue to further our understanding of other cultures.

  3. Explore your heritage
    Getting in touch with your family’s heritage can be another strong motivation to study abroad. Many minority students report tremendous educational and personal benefits from exploring countries where their families have roots.

  4. Improve your professional and financial potential
    International experience is a critical and impressive part of any résumé. Many Hispanic/Latino students who study abroad in Spanish-speaking countries find that they are able to build upon and improve their Spanish language skills.

  5. Become a full-time learner
    While studying abroad, you will have the opportunity to truly become a full-time student. Weekend excursions to museums and cultural sites add to your academic and personal growth. You learn to interact with people who may not necessarily think or communicate like you.

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