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Homeschooling and College Admissions

By Tavia Evans and Roxana Hadad

June 02, 2008

Homeschooling and College Admissions Homeschooling and College Admissions

As a homeschooled student, your trek to college has taken you off the beaten path. But even if you don’t have the “typical” credentials colleges are looking for, you can still impress admissions counselors with a dazzling—and unique—application.

Keep a Portfolio and a Logbook

Without a transcript, it’s hard for colleges to know about your academic background. So prepare a portfolio—a collection of some of your best work.

“Most homeschooled students make a list of courses and extracurriculars that look like a high school transcript and include a detailed explanation to show how they’ve met the requirements,” says Laura Derrick, public relations director of the National Home Education Network.

A portfolio of some of your best work can give admissions counselors a sense of your academic skills and interests. Your portfolio should include homework assignments, research papers, lab reports or artwork.

Keep a logbook of any volunteer work, sports, field trips and hobbies. These activities will show the effort and energy you’ve put into your education above and beyond your academics.

Get Involved

Volunteer in your community, join a baseball team or do an internship in a career field that interests you. Take advantage of opportunities to connect with directors, sponsors and coaches who can become mentors and provide letters of recommendation.

Letters of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation can give admissions counselors a better idea of your personality and how well you work with other people.

Ask an adult who knows you well or works with you in a community activity, at a summer camp or through tutoring. Don’t ask family members to write your recommendation letters; their comments won’t be as credible to admissions counselors.

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