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GRE Strategy: Overview

Chris Diehl

January 20, 2016

GRE Strategy: Overview
After the SAT you may have uttered, "Glad I never have to go through THAT again!" But, if you plan to attend graduate school, you'll experience much of that same test-taking anxiety again. Most graduate school programs require a Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) score. And, just like when you applied to college the first time around, scoring well on this test may be critical for acceptance into your desired program.

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So how can you boost your score? As with any standardized test, familiarize yourself with the test format and get a general idea of what to expect to reduce anxiety and avoid surprises on test day. While reviewing vocabulary flash cards and perusing your old algebra textbook might help, there is no substitute for taking a practice test.

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Additionally, because the GRE is now presented via computer, this might be the method you want to use as you practice. You can find practice tests and software tutorials (that mimic what you'll see on test day) that can help you prepare. Below are strategies and tips for each section of the GRE:

Analytical Writing Section:

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o Issue Task
o Argument Task

Verbal Section:

o Analogies
o Antonyms
o Sentence Completions
o Reading Comprehension

Quantitative Section:

o Quantitative Comparison
o Problem Solving

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