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First Things First: Passion or Practicality?

By Kerry Martin

September 04, 2008

First Things First: Passion or Practicality? First Things First: Passion or Practicality?

Collect Information About Jobs That Interest You

When you read or hear about different careers, file away those that sound particularly fun or interesting. Pay attention to any patterns you see in these jobs. Do they all have something to do with words? Do they relate to solving technical or scientific problems? Do they have to do with a particular environment or industry? Do they involve helping people?

Use Your Campus Career Center

Talk with a career counselor, take some career assessments, enroll in a career-planning class, identify your core values and learn to research your areas of interest. Check out your career center’s Web site for career-planning links and resources.

Learn from the People Around You

Talk with people who are working and ask them how they chose their careers and why they like them. Start with family, friends and professors, and check out the MonsterTRAK Career Contact and Alumni Network. It’s comprised of alumni, employers, parents, students and friends who represent diverse career fields nationwide and have offered to share their career experiences with students and alumni.

Attend Campus Career Fairs and Talk with Company Representatives

Learn about the opportunities in different industries and begin to identify those of interest to you. Attend company information sessions to get more detailed information.

Deciding on your college major and choosing a career option can be overwhelming, but there are some things that can make the process more manageable. Remember, choosing a career is not a one-time decision. It is a lifelong process that involves connecting to your passions and then identifying the practical options. The first step is to keep your eyes, ears and heart open to what truly interests you and see where it could lead.

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