FastWeb Student Tips: Admissions

June 09, 2007

We asked FastWeb users to share their advice on college admissions, based on their personal experiences. Here's what they said: "Keep your options open and don't plan your whole life around one college. It will make it a lot easier if you don't get accepted. And if you don't get accepted, your world isn't over. There will be other colleges for you. Keep your head up, and keep trying." -- Hope Lobkowicz, Medomak Valley High School

"It's okay to go to a community college. By going to a community college, you can take a wide variety of classes that can help you find out what you are interested in. By going to a community college, you can still get a good education while taking fun - and less expensive - classes." -- Rebecca Rowland, West Valley College

"It is very easy to think of several reasons why NOT to attend college. However, one thing is very true, and it is something I heard just before I made the final decision to sign up: Five years from now, I will still be five years older. I want to be five years older WITH a degree, not without one. What a fantastic feeling that will be!" -- Donna Valencia, University of Phoenix

"Always apply to more than one school. Always. Your first school may reject or you may decide it's not the school for you. And remember that not getting what you want may be the best thing that's ever happened to you." -- Kristin Dixon, College of DuPage

"My advice to students writing a college application essay is this: Be yourself. Too many students try to be someone they are not in their essay, or they write about something that they don't know too well. If you stick to what you know and be yourself, you will be much happier with your final product." -- Sanje Woodsorrel, San Lorenzo Valley High School

"Shadow a college student at your prospective school for one day. When you see how much work is required of you, you will be better able to prepare yourself for college. It's also a good idea to talk to college students (ideally freshmen or sophomores) about their experiences and how they got adjusted to college life." -- Anu Adeosun, University of Indianapolis

"Use every chance you get to take the PSAT or SAT. Also, take the most advanced classes you can. Find out all the information you can on the school you want to go to and the subject you want to major in. Lastly, work hard and be devoted toward your goal." -- Brendan McAbee, Saugus High School

"Talk to people, use the Internet, call the colleges and ask for information, go to college fairs and be mindful of what you want. Chances are you will be overwhelmed. It will get tedious, and I can guarantee that you'll long for the day to be done with the whole thing. But take your time and remember this is the first step toward the rest of your life." -- Colette Sauvageau, Marian High School

"Make a chart if you are having a hard time remembering deadlines. Then you can tackle them one at a time. Always put your SAT exams on the top and then work your way down the list. Give yourself enough time to double-check before you submit anything to make sure it is correct. Remember: At the end, you will be the one who benefits." -- Christina Martinez, Fort Hamilton High School

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