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Extreme College Weekend

Rich Coleman (Fastweb Member)

June 09, 2007

Hello there, my fellow noblemen and magistrates. Another action packed blog update. Get the popcorn ready and tuck your younger brothers and sisters in. This entry is rated X…for XTREME! That's right. It's so extreme that it doesn't need the 'e' in extreme.

On Saturday, my grandma and I went down to St. Joe's University in Philly for their open house. I had never been to an open house before. I was expecting a medium sized group of 35-40 people going in for an admissions talk and campus tour. I was quite mistaken. There were easily 150-200 people there when we arrived. And we arrived on time, too. I can't even imagine the number of people that showed up after we left.

We registered, and I got some super extreme handouts that told us what was going on. I got a nifty red folder and a water bottle, which was strange. Why a water bottle? It's not like it was even filled with water, it was empty. I ended up throwing it away because I didn't feel like carrying it. I'm too extreme for water bottles.

They had tables set up in the gym, which had every major there and every other aspect of the college like residential life, activities and security. I looked around for the communication table but the closest I came was English. The priest at the table told me communications was integrated with English. Major deduction of points there, but I didn't completely write them off, yet.

After I got all the information I needed, and my grandma finished her muffin, we went on the tour. It's a really nice looking campus. The buildings looked nice on the outside. Didn't really get to see what was on the inside, except for a dorm.

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We finished the tour, and my grandma and I both decided we had our fill for the day. We didn't feel like going to see the admissions process assembly so we just went and got some lunch.

All in all, I'd probably like to go to St. Joe's. Their communications major doesn't seem too extensive but the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. Plus, it's close to Philly so there's stuff to do on the weekends.

The only problem is the cost. It's about 40 grand a year (very extreme) and even with the 5-7 grand they said they'd knock off for me, that's still 32 at the least. I'll probably apply but I won't hold my breath on getting more money, let alone getting accepted.

That was my extreme St. Joe's experience. Moving on…

I found out today that my guidance counselor sent out the wrong SAT scores to West Chester and Ship. They sent the lower scores so now I have to send them again via Collegeboard.

That's about it for now. I told you this entry was extreme. I broke a finger just typing it up.

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