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CollegeBoard and Khan Academy Team Up for Free SAT Prep

Practice for the SAT with the new, free online tool from CollegeBoard and Khan Academy.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

June 16, 2015

CollegeBoard and Khan Academy Team Up for Free SAT Prep
The SAT is the academic pinnacle of high school. Students begin preparing as early as middle school, take practice tests sophomore year and sometimes spend thousands of dollars on test prep courses and tutoring. And though a perfect or high SAT score is nothing to scoff at; generally speaking, colleges and universities are placing less emphasis on standardized tests in their assessment of admissions applications. Fortunately, two powerhouses in the education industry have teamed up to provide free SAT test prep. CollegeBoard and Khan Academy announced last week that they have launched a new tool, and it should help high school students in a big way. According to Education Week, the platform begins with questions aimed to determine the level of difficulty of practice questions presented in the next step. From there, students can take practice tests by subject. The results after they complete each section feature their wrong answers along with detailed explanations of how to derive the correct answer. Additionally, the free tool provides video references and articles to help further students’ knowledge and skills.
Education Week reports that this new tool has been rolled out ahead of the new SAT test format that will be released in March 2016. The goal, as stated by CollegeBoard’s President, David Coleman, is to provide the same access of preparation and expert advice to students of all incomes as opposed to only those who can afford to pay for private tutoring and courses. The new SAT test will be free of confusing or obscure vocabulary words, not penalize for wrong answers and be more of an assessment of what students are actually learning in the classroom. The test prep tool from CollegeBoard and Khan Academy will follow along the same lines.
Students can practice now with the new tool on Khan Academy. In fact, the new tool offers practice for both tests – the current SAT and the new test which will be available next spring. So no matter when you plan to take the test, you can begin your official test prep now. Check out Fastweb's expert advice on test prep too!

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