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College Rumors Busted

These college rumors get busted by our experts--find out what's true and what's just made up.

Laure Jeanne Hammond

March 09, 2009

College Rumors Busted

Rumor: Dorm food is disgusting.
Busted: “Reality: It usually is very disgusting,” says Carol Miller, school counselor at Lansing High School in Lansing, New York.

But actually, many colleges are putting a lot of effort into making sure their food is tasty. Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, made a $2.25 million renovation to its cafeteria in 2003.

Students at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont, harvest vegetables on their campus farm for the school’s dining services.

Hope College in Holland, Michigan, hired current vegetarian students to develop its options for vegans, ovo and lacto vegetarians.

And at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, brown-bag lunches are available for students who don’t have time to eat lunch in the dining hall.

Rumor: Credit cards will make it easier to pay for college.
Busted: Credit cards may seem like free money, but it’s really just a loan that you have to pay back—with interest.

“You need to keep careful track of how much you are spending so you don’t join the millions in credit card debt,” Miller says.

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Get a work-study or other part-time job while in college to pay for dates, movies, Starbucks fixes and more. That way, you’ll know how much you have to spend on treats without going into debt for them.

Rumor: You’ll be able to fit all your stuff in your dorm room.
Busted: “Take your bedroom that you have at home. Cut it in half, then throw another human being in there with you. That’s what it’s going to be like next year,” says Fairport High School counselor John Serafine.

When visiting colleges this fall, take a good look at your average dorm room’s closet. Smart college students put their bed posts on concrete blocks to be able to store stuff under the bed, or loft or bunk their beds to make room for other stuff.

There will not be room for two TVs, two computers, two fridges, two extensive wardrobes, two microwaves, etc. So call your roommate before you start packing for school to figure out what each of you plans to bring. Then leave most of your other stuff home. You can always have Mom or Dad send it your way if you really miss it.

And by the way, your roommate? We’ve gotta bust that rumor, too. Even if he kicks the bucket, you’re still stuck with the grades you’ve earned—not a 4.0.

Article reprinted with permission from Next Step Magazine.

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