College Planning for High School Freshmen

June 08, 2007

College Planning for High School Freshmen
You just started high school, is it really time to begin planning for college? The answer is "yes" and "no." While you should focus on having fun and making good grades for the sake of your high school career, you should also keep in mind that everything you do in high school will be examined during the college admissions process. Follow these guidelines to get involved and stay focused on the future.

Fall Semester
  • Map out the classes you'll need to take for the next four years in preparation for college admissions. Take the most challenging course of study available.
  • Join clubs and activities that interest you.
  • Meet with your school's guidance counselor to discuss courses and extracurricular activities.
  • Start building relationships with teachers, counselors and activity supervisors. This will help you obtain recommendations for college later.
  • Select a volunteer organization you'd like to get involved with.
  • Become familiar with the standardized tests you need to take.

Spring Semester
  • Begin to discuss college costs with parents/guardians.
  • Meet with your school's guidance counselor to discuss plans for summer and next fall.
  • Apply for summer jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

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