A Fast Way to Get a Prestigious College on Your Resume

By Bridget Kulla

March 05, 2009

A Fast Way to Get a Prestigious College on Your Resume

Unfortunately, brand names count. When employers decide whom to interview, seeing school names they recognize can be a plus. One way to add a better-known name to your resume is to complete a university extension certificate program. Many top colleges, such as Berkeley and Harvard, offer them. Harvard, for example, offers one-year programs in administration/management, public health, museum studies, publishing and communications, applied sciences, and educational technology. Berkeley offers 75 such programs, from accounting to Web design, Cisco routers to college counseling, interior design to garden design, publishing to editing.

What You Could Do Today

Consult MonsterLearning's extensive database to locate schools that offer the online or offline courses you need.

You can also check nearby university Web sites and search on the term "university extension." For example, check out offerings from the Berkeley Extension School and Harvard Extension School.

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