$2,500 Scholarship: Donate Personal Care Products to Your Local Boys and Girls Club or Shelter

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September 30, 2020

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You could win a $2,500 scholarship by donating personal care and cleaning products to your local Boys & Girls Club or shelter, which we’ll help you locate. COVID-19 has hit Black communities, people of color, and low-income families the hardest, both in terms of health and finances. People of color are almost twice as likely to report job loss and economic hardship due to the pandemic, making it especially difficult to afford crucial products for health and hygiene this back-to-school season. This is where you come in: use our step-by-step guide to collect five personal care products (like soap and hand sanitizer) and cleaning products (like wipes and detergent) with help from your friends and adults in your life. Include a personal note of support and encouragement and donate the items to your local Boys & Girls Club or shelter. Let’s Do This!

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