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The Easiest Scholarship of Summer 2021 Just Dropped

What’s a realistic scholarship application goal for the summer?

Shawna Newman

June 07, 2021

Find how you can apply for this $1,000 scholarship in less time than it takes to apply your sunscreen.
The Easiest Scholarship of Summer 2021 Just Dropped
We all have goals, but they're easier to dismiss in the summer months if we're being honest. Between summer vacations to the beach, lake, or U.S. National Parks, students can get caught up in summertime relaxation and overlook those important tasks. Students, from high school to college, should focus on their goals to help them pay for college. While most great things in life are not easy, you can look for unique opportunities to make accomplishing your goal easier. We’ve found a way to keep the fun in summer and to keep your scholarship applying momentum strong. In fact, we’re considering this the easiest scholarship to apply for, summer 2021! You don’t even need a quiet place (no jump scares here) to apply for Fastweb’s $1,000 Scholarship Success Sweepstakes.
Exclusive to Fastweb members, this financial aid opportunity takes only three steps to apply. Why not use just a few minutes of your summer break to set yourself up for a solid financial future (Trust us, the fewer student loans you must pay back, the better.) You can apply for this scholarship in less time than it takes to apply sunscreen! Here’s how the $1K Scholarship Success Sweeps works:
  1. Be a Fastweb member. If you're not a Fastweb member, you're missing out on scholarship matches that fit YOU. A Fastweb profile is FREE!
  2. Answer this multiple-choice question: What’s a realistic scholarship application goal for the summer?
  3. The best part is there’s NO WRONG OR RIGHT ANWSER. You just let us know what you think.
  4. Submit your entry. You can apply for this easy scholarship daily, up to the scholarship deadline.

$1,000 Scholarship Success Sweepstakes

Deadline: 7/26/21
Available to: Students, Minimum Age of 16
Award Amount: $1,000 Summer is a busy time of the year—but it doesn’t mean you should push your college goals aside. Let us know your summer goals for a chance to win a $1,000 college scholarship. Simply answer this multiple-choice question (there’s no wrong answer): “What’s a realistic scholarship goal for Summer 2021?” The scholarship is open to all high school and college students. You must be a registered Fastweb member and at least sixteen (16) years of age to enter. You can submit one entry per day until the sweepstakes deadline. The $1,000 Scholarship Success Sweepstakes deadline is July 26, 2021.

More Time to Enjoy the Summer Sun

Simple tasks really do make life more enjoyable; even better if the task can help you meet your goals AND help you pay for college. Thanks to the Summer Solstice, you’ll have more daylight to squeeze the most out of your summer. Between watching the best summer movies while trying McDonald’s BTS Meal, you’ll still have time to enter the Scholarship Success Sweepstakes, DAILY. You could even apply for this scholarship poolside, jamming to your Summer Vibes Playlist if you’d like!

Extra Summer Activities

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your summer vibes strong AND productive you could...
  • Celebrate Harry Potter’s 41st birthday with a fun Harry Potter Quiz. (Yes, you read that correctly.)
  • Find a summer camp to enroll in.
  • Update your Fastweb profile. Doing this will make your scholarship matches even better!
  • Find a part-time job this summer.
  • Create a plan to try out a new extracurricular activity in the fall semester.
  • Soon-to-be high school seniors could knock off a few items of this June Task List.
  • Soon-to-be college freshmen could check off tasks on this June Checklist.
  • Prep for college by building your college packing list.
  • Try a new way of finding scholarships to apply for based upon your birthday and astrological sign.
  • Celebrate Pride Month by applying for these LGBTQ+ scholarships or internships.
  • Share your scholarship-finding secret with a friend, by inviting your bestie to join Fastweb. Bonus: You both could win a $500 scholarship!
  • Check a few items off your summer bucket list.
  • Clean up your social media accounts.
  • Try a new way of researching colleges.
  • Tidy up and diversify your resume.
  • Find and apply for a remote internship.
  • Try a new food fusion at a food truck.
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