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Summertime Scholarships -- Apply Now

Apply for these scholarships with summer deadlines.

Summertime Scholarships -- Apply Now
Summer is the season of sun and sand, but it can also be a season for scholarships. Why is now a good time to apply? Simply put, students have more time to spend on the actual applications. As long as a student is not in summer school, there isn’t homework in addition to a part-time job. This free time enables them to devote a few hours this summer to scholarship applications. Here are a few scholarships we’ve found that students can work on this summer:

Niche No Essay Scholarship

Quick and Easy to Apply for a $2,000 Scholarship

LiveCitizen Scholarship Competition The LiveCitizen Scholarship Competition wants to know who claims the title of best President in our country’s history, and they’re looking to students to determine the winner. Applicants must submit a 1 – 2 minute video on their opinion of who the greatest President was and why. Before the contest ends on June 7, applicants can encourage their friends and family to vote for their video. While the number of votes helps an applicant, it’s not the only criterion by which they are judged. Judges will also look at the 200 – 300 word essay you must submit along with the video, delivery, content and persuasiveness.

Course Hero $4k College Giveaway

Easy to Enter, No Essay Needed

Apply for one of our Featured Scholarships today. The LiveCitizen Scholarship Competition is open to students who are already enrolled or will enroll in an institution of higher learning during the fall of 2011. One winner will receive $2,500 and two runner-ups will be awarded an Amazon Kindle. Deadline: June 7, 2011 Get more info about applying for this scholarship. Ryan and Jamie Smith Essay Contest Do you think it is possible to end extreme poverty in the next 30 years? If so how?
This is the question posed in the Ryan and Jamie Smith Essay Contest for a $5,000 scholarship. The essay contest is open to domestic and international students who are at least 18 years of age. Essays must be less than 1,000 words. The winner will be announced on their Facebook page on August 1, 2011. Deadline: June 15, 2011 Get more info about applying for this scholarship.

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