Scholarship Spotlight: Iris-Samuel Rothman Scholarship $10,000

October 22, 2009

Scholarship Spotlight: Iris-Samuel Rothman Scholarship $10,000
The Iris-Samuel Rothman Scholarship is open to college bound, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate male students in all areas of study, who have lost their mother and have either lost their father, or does not have a father available to him. You must be seeking to further your education, wanting to do volunteer work, or start a business to be eligible for this award. Early applications will receive preference. An essay is required. Provided By: Iris-Samuel Rothman Scholarship
Deadline: Varies
Type of Award: Scholarship
Amount: $10,000
Awards Available: 5
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study
More About the Scholarship This scholarship, in honor of a promising young man who died at age 22, is for a young man who has lost his mother AND father (both). The award amount is variable depending on the qualification of the applicant. $500-$10,000. Five scholarships are available. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Early applications will receive preference. Additional information may be requested. Due to limited administrative personnel, only scholarship recipients will be notified within sixty days of receipt of application. To enter, answer the following questions and submit an essay of any length about yourself. Questions may be answered within the essay or separately. Picture is optional, as are any other support materials.
1- Age
2- Age when mother died AND when father died or became unavailable
3- Education and education plans if applicable
4- Siblings
5- People in your life currently serving as “surrogate parents.”
6- Personal and financial support system
7- Personal and career goals
8- Attributes of yours that you value
Your email and/or materials you mail will serve as your application. Applications and questions can be sent to or mailed to: Iris-Samuel Rothman Scholarship P.O. Box 620643 Newton, MA 02462 617-686-3556. The parent organization of Iris-Samuel Rothman Scholarship is It's Who's On The Bus That Counts, a non-profit organization. Optional: Where did you hear about the Optional: Phone contact For more information, click here.

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