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Scholarship Shout-Out: $10,000 Anti-Texting and Driving Scholarship

July 15, 2014

Scholarship Shout-Out: $10,000 Anti-Texting and Driving Scholarship Scholarship Shout-Out: $10,000 Anti-Texting and Driving Scholarship states that texting and driving is the cause of between 8 to 11 deaths per day. Another source,, also reports that drivers who are texting take their eyes off of the road for roughly five seconds, which is the equivalent of an entire football field. With that, text messaging makes a crash 23 times more likely to occur.

The best way to stop texting and driving is to spread the word about the danger, and that’s why established the $10,000 Anti-Texting and Driving Scholarship. believes this messaging is more effective when it passes from friend to friend.The $10,000 Anti-Texting and Driving Scholarship seeks to reward students for reaching out to their friends with facts, figures and stories that hope to prevent texting and driving. All students have to do to enter the scholarship is fill out a form on and provide three of their friends’ cell phone numbers. Applicants and their friends can choose to opt out of the text messages anytime by texting “STOP” or “HELP.” promises that their anti-texting and driving campaign is fun and informative, something that students will want to be a part of and share with their friends. Plus, it could save one of your friends’ lives.

The scholarship is open to students in all fields of study who are less than 26 years old. No minimum GPA or essay is required. The deadline for this award is September 20, 2014.

Besides the $10,000 Anti-Texting and Driving Scholarship, has several other scholarship opportunities that students can take advantage of this summer. Check your scholarship matches on Fastweb for a full list of their scholarships for which you qualify. They are not only easy to apply to but make a real difference for your community as well.

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