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Lights, Camera, Action: Tips to Make a Great Web Video

Ryan Uricks

May 18, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action: Tips to Make a Great Web Video
Do you sometimes watch a video on YouTube and think that you could do much better? Making a web video is simple and can be a lot of fun. What's more, video contests can help you win scholarship bucks and extra cash for school.
With a regular camcorder (or most digital cameras) and your computer, you can make a great web clip in no time. Here are some easy tips to remember when making your video.

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  • Brainstorm. Don’t try and wing it in front of the camera. Think ahead about what you think best displays your talent no matter what the talent may be. Plot out your routine, develop that comedy skit you always wanted to do, or sketch out that painting. If you have idea of where you’re going, you’ll be in better shape in the long run.
  • Write it Down. Any dialogue should be written down so you can remember those lines. Memorize them well because if you flub your lines it will lead to more editing in the end. And if your singing, you better know those lyrics, unless you plan on rapping “Hello Dolly.”
  • What Did You Say? You can film your video anywhere you want, just be sure we can hear and see what’s going on. Set up your camera so that the lighting is good and you can be heard loud and clear.
  • Get Friends to Help. Whether manning the camera or participating in the video, the more people who help you with your video, the better it will turn out. Having a cameraman gives the opportunity to be dynamic in your video instead of seeing your backyard pool for two minutes. How you divide the winnings, on the other hand, is totally in your court.

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  • Edit, Edit, Edit. You should film more than two minutes of footage, but have the best two minutes count. Editing software like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, let you make a video in snap. Add snazzy graphics or cool music to accompany your ability to make one mean grilled cheese. If you follow these easy step, you’re well on your way to winning $10,000.

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