FastWeb Winner's Circle: Jane Stanley from Indiana

October 14, 2009

FastWeb Winner's Circle: Jane Stanley from Indiana
Wondering who wins the scholarships posted on FastWeb? Students just like you win all the time! FastWeb has scholarships for high school, college, graduate and non-traditional students. Meet our most recent addition to the FastWeb Winner's Circle, Jane Stanley. Jane, a returning graduate student, says she found her scholarship while searching FastWeb for her 20 year old son! Find out how Jane won and ger her advice on how to win a scholarship of your own. Congratulations Jane! Name: Jane Stanley
Age: 49
From: Greenfield, Indiana
School: Attending Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Graduate School
Year: This is a Masters of Divinity program and I am in the end of my second year of a 3.5 yr. program.
Tell us about the scholarship you won through FastWeb! I won the The Rowley Scholarship
Amount: $2,000 (Broken up in to two $1,000 checks, one per semester).
How many scholarships did you apply for before you won: I probably applied to 8-10 scholarships. I also am a cancer survivor, and am planning on applying for many of those after the first of the year. Interestingly, I went on this site to prove to my 20 year old son that there is lots of money and opportunities to find money for his education, and in doing the research, I found several that would apply to me. I applied to them all and was fortunate to be selected by the Division of Home Missions for the Rowely Scholarship. What did you have to do to apply?: This scholarship required that I have at least a 3.5 in Grad School, then I had to complete the form, and be a member of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. I had to prove I was enrolled in school and provide a letter of recommendation from a professor with whom I had worked with who could speak to my commitment, work ethic, and assess my future potential. Then they send the check to my home! How long did it take to hear back from the scholarship provider?: Within 2 weeks I heard back. And then I heard from them once more, confirming that they had the letter of recommendation and my course records. Finally they notified me that I had been selected. What did you use the money for? I used the money to buy school supplies, and applied it to everyday living expenses. Jane's advice to other scholarship applicants, in her own words: "Don't give up!! There are lots of opportunities out there, but not everyone can win. I also suggest that you look at various opportunities. Lots of community groups offer scholarships that often go unused because people don't step up and apply. You have to be persistent, and make sure your application sparkles, no misspelled words, etc. Also, and this may sound a little weird, but if something really difficult happened in your life early on you can find money. For example did you unfortunately lose a parent to cancer? While this is very sad, there are numerous scholarships for kids in that situation, or are you a cancer survivor from a childhood illness? If so there are lots of opportunities out there. Even if you are healthy now, your past fight can get you in the door." Post Graduate Plans: Following graduation in May of 2011, I will hopefully be ordained into the ministry, and will then begin serving in a church setting.

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